Exterior Photo of Church

Our worship and educational facilities were dedicated to the glory of God on Sept. 7, 1969. They are located at 1436 Twenty-First Avenue North in Fort Dodge, Iowa. Additional educational facilities were dedicated in 1981.

Overall length of the church building, including offices and overflow at the rear of the Nave, is 112 feet. The Nave is 40 feet wide and seats 335.

Standing, as if on guard, at the front of the church office area is the 65 foot bell tower, which houses a large speaker. In prior years, chimes were amplified through this speaker on Sunday mornings as well as at 12:00 noon and 6:00 p.m. daily.

Interior Photo of Church

As you face the Chancel, you notice the "Good Shepherd" window above the altar. This is the focal point of the church and the basis for our name. It shows the Good Shepherd's tender love for His creatures. It is this spirit which we, as members of the Church, are to reflect. We, too, are to be concerned with the blood-bought souls of Jesus Christ.

Rocky Mountain quartz forms the stone wall in the Chancel. It is a mixture of milky white and flamingo quartz. The Pulpit, Lectern, Baptismal Font, Communion Rail, Credence tables and Flower stands are made of steel tubing. Their wooden parts, as well as the Altar and the Pews, are red oak with walnut stain. Antique gold brick is used in the church. The carpet is deep pile nylon and the tile is travertine vinyl. The trusses are Douglas Fir with walnut stain, while the roof deck is Cedar with natural finish. The windows are facet colored glass set in black epoxy. Each window features a cross in the design.

The original electronic organ supplemented with chimes and pipes has been replaced by an Allen Digital Organ. The chimes, seen on the wall, and the pipes which are situated on the back wall of the Nave, are still in place.

A new sound system was installed in 2002 along with projection equipment so that many of the services include the use of videos and/or presentations using appropriate computer software.

"I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord." Psalm 122:1.