Good Shepherd’s Church Council

We are blessed by God to have such a council that cares and oversees the welfare of Good Shepherd

Who makes up the Church Council?

The following officers reside on the Church Council

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Elders
  • Trustees
  • Usher Chairman
  • Sunday School Superintendent
  • Members of all boards duly elected

What does the Church Council do?

The Church Council at Good Shepherd oversees the general welfare of the Church’s work this side of God’s Kingdom.  The various boards of the church come together to hear about their work in God’s Kingdom and discuss any problems that might arise both secular and spiritual.  Overall the council shows the love of Jesus by caring for the God’s people at Good Shepherd.

Our Officers

John Kastendieck
Dean Barnett
Vice Chairman
Wanda Wiese
Ann Roberson
Michele Thackery
Christian Education
Janice Hackett
Christian Management
Al Conkling
6:00 pm Usher Chairperson
David Ray
8:30 am Usher Chairperson
Leland Dencklau
11:00 am Usher Chairperson
Terry Allers
Christian Outreach
Michele Thackery
SS Superintendent